Dear wanderers of the internet ! Welcome to my website. My name is Nina and I'm an aspiring illustrator and graphic design graduate. I am mostly known for illustrating tender, whimsical and furry cute animals in a soft and delicate manner. I work with traditional media (mostly using watercolours, gouache and colored pencils) but I also create artwork digitally. Besides commercial work I love doing self initiated projects where I try to collaborate with other artists, experiment, challenge myself and grow as an artist. When I am not making art I love to travel, wander, explore nature, daydream, bake, ride my bike, do yoga, make dreamcatchers and find beauty in simple things.

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SmArt School course ; mentor Marc Scheff / online course

Make Art That Sells : MATS A with Lilla Rogers / online course

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana (studied Visual Communications), graduated in 2013 / UNI

National College of Art and Design, Dublin (Erasmus exchange) / UNI


Online features

2016 - Behance Feature : featured on 31.3.2016

2016 - Journal : article

2015 - New Edge Magazine #5 : illustration

2015 - Behance : Illustration Served

2015 - Dom in Stil Magazine : interview

2015 - ; online feature

2015 - Creativeroom4talk; interview

2015 - Flesh & Bone vol. 14; article

2014 - InspirationHut; online feature

2013 - Behance: Character design served